York 63 Recipe Share

York 63 Classmate Recipe Share!

If you would like to participate, please copy/scan/or type it out in a Word or word processing ap and send it to me at: YORK63@protonmail.com Recipe Message Forum CLICK HERE!
Appetizers and Party Fare Shared by:
Corn Salsa Dave Wojta
Cream Cheese with Caramel and Apples Annette Lezza (Leck)
Irish Cream Liqueur Mindy Petersen (Sharp)
James Bond's Vespers Martini Chip Johnson
Good Eats  
Reverse Seared Steak Bart Kendall
Chicken In White Sauce Chuck Fisher
Chuck's Swedish Meatballs Chuck Fisher
Quick and Simple Chicken Ala King Chuck Fisher
Creamy Corn Casserole Pamela Buffington (Eyrick)
Salisbury Steak-Slow Cooker Ron Rank
Creamy Skillet Mushroom Chicken Dave Wojta
Stifado (Lamb or Beef Stew) Larry Dann
Southern Dry Rice Larry Dann
Ultimate Meat Loaf Darlene Radek
Applesauce Bread Pamela Buffington (Eyrick)
Bart's Marvelous Brownies Bart Kendall
Chocolate Sin Raspberry Truffle Brownies Sue Nelson (McMillan)
The Best Pecan Pie Darlene Radek