Fun Survey

It's fall and school starts again! Thinking back to York days Freshman year 1960. A few questions to spark the memories...

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1)   How did you get to school on the first day?

  Mom/Dad took me
  Other (lol)
  Who knows? That was a while back...
2)   Could you find your locker let alone remember the combo?

Yes No
3)   The teacher who had the memorable first impression on you, good or bad?

4)   Do you remember the salmon patty lunch in the cafeteria?

5)   Did you attend the first dance of the year?

Yes No
6)   With whom?

7)   Having spent the last couple of years being groomed for high school, did it meet or exceed your expectations? Were you ready??

8)   Is this survey a dumb idea? What would bring you back to the site more frequently?